Year of the Hen (2017)



‘Year of the Hen’ is a mini solo show by Eldi Dundee in Small House Gallery, displayed within a much larger group show context comprising works by more than 100 visual and performing artists. The theme is in honour of the Chinese New Year 2017 which is the year of the Fire Rooster (or Cock). It’s also the year of the Women’s March which protested Trump’s inauguration on a massive, global scale, and so it might also be known as the Year of the Hen.




Le Coq Artistes: Chinese Open 2017 is an exhibition which boasts diverse works from over 100 artists showing in an underground carpark in Leicester Square, steps from London’s Chinatown. The Chinese Open was originally established by Vanya Bologh and Geoff Leong. This year’s Chinese Open is curated by Jude Cowan Montague and Matt Armstrong, in association with the Geoffrey Leong Foundation, and with kind sponsorship from Artlyst, Resonance FM, 3DScanbot, DrVoxx, Tagsmart, Qpark and the Tsingtao beer brand.

Address: Q PARK Leicester Square, levels 1 & 2, 39-41 Whitcomb Street, London WC2H 7DT

Hours: Sunday 29 Jan 2-6pm; Monday 30 Jan Closed; Tuesday 31 Jan 12-6pm; Wednesday 1 Feb 6-8pm; Thursday 2 Feb 12-6pm; Friday 3 Feb 6-8pm; Saturday 4 Feb 12-6pm; Sunday 5 Feb CLOSING PARTY 2-6pm.


A video created by ‘Hat’ with music by Jude Cowan can be seen on YouTube: Year of the Hen / Dundee / Small House Gallery starts at 15:50.


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