Small House Gallery: Unknowable Futures

Small House Gallery was at at Guest Projects with AltMFA in May 2017 for their UNKNOWN FUTURES residency which kicked off AltMFA’s a-n funded FUTURE PROGRAMME 2017.

Eldi Dundee curated several mini-group-exhibitions for Small House Gallery, featuring small works by AltMFA members: Sadie Edginton, Amy Leung, Eva Lis, Debora Mo, Marion Tu, Naima Karlsson, and Eldi Dundee. Guests of UNKNOWN FUTURES had an open invitation to contribute their miniature works or interventions to the Small House Gallery at any time throughout the duration of the residency for an evolving curation of group shows in the dolls house gallery throughout the week, with a special focus on the Open Weekend (Archival: schedule and further details here) They were free to bring along a piece of tiny work, or to make one in the space, used as a group studio as well as an exhibition/performance/shared learning space.


(Anonymous pieces and interventions that were added through the week as the exhibition went on remain either unattributed or were not captured here.)

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