1st (& last) Small House installation of 2018

Featuring works by MSR, Mark ‘Sandy’ Hammond, Eldi Dundee and Eva Lis.

^ Assemblage / installation by Eldi Dundee, 2018
^ The Small House Gallery’s first exhibition of 2018
^ Ink painting (rear wall) by Mark Hammond, 2012;
(centre) chair sculpture (with clothes pegs) and oil pastel on plywood (right wall) by Eldi Dundee, 2006 and 2017 respectively.
^ Altered postcards by Eva Lis, 2017
^ Upcycled tin animal figures (foreground) bought at market (Camden? Greenwich? c. 2005) from the maker himself (business card lost);
miniature acrylic on canvas (left) by Hope, c. 2009-2010:
Right gallery-wall-sized photo by Eldi Dundee, c. 2006
^ Left: pen drawing by MSR, 2015;
Rear: acrylic and gouache on miniature canvas by Hope, c. 2008
^ Detail: wax angel wing of maquette by Eldi Dundee for a 2015 bronze figure commission
^ Installation (silver-plated piggy bank and ‘diamond’ table confetti, 2018

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