January: NOW ON: CAPTAIN VIOLET VINTAGE has offered to fill the Small House with sparkle for the New Year and to celebrate the resurrection of their online shop, and the launch of their various social media accounts, with a tiny takeover and a pop-up miniature vintage selling fair (online) presenting a selection of late-19th to mid-20th century costume jewellery, with collectible commemorative memorabilia that will be of particular interest to fans of The Crown. Why not come do a little window shopping, and browse through the rooms? It will be a treasure trove to see, whether you intend to buy or not. And wherever you are, whoever you’re with, whatever your circumstances in these Covidy times, have as Happy a New Year as you possibly can. With best wishes from Small House Gallery and Captain Violet Vintage. xx

etsy: #captainvioletinsta: @captainvioletvintagefb: @CaptainVioletVintage

Vintage jewellery items from Captain Violet Vintage

Mid January Update: SMALL HOUSE GALLERY is expanding! Two additional houses (SMALL HOUSE TWO, & SMALL HOUSE COTTAGE) have been added to our micro-gallery family over the holidays, so we have offered Captain Violet two separate virtual shows in one with us this winter lockdown. Vintage tea tins have already taken over the new SMALL HOUSE COTTAGE space, and their choicest vintage jewellery and trinkets will be given a show all their own. SMALL HOUSE TWO is in the process of being renovated, so it might not be exhibition ready until the spring.

Installation view of Captain Violet Vintage‘s tea tins show installed in SMALL HOUSE COTTAGE

Jenny Nash‘s TWO FEET IN THE WARDROBE will very soon find its way into one of our Small Houses (possibly Small House Cottage?) Nash is a documentary and protest photographer by training and trade, predominantly focused on LGBTQ+ Pride and Stand Up To Racism. This series of 8 x personal images they share with us were taken in the house they grew up in, and utilises the techniques of AutoPathography, or SoloPhototherapy; the former is a methodology they developed from the work of photographic artist Dr. Spencer Rowell, and the latter is influenced by Rosy Martin and Jo Spence’s 1980s co-development of phototherapy. Nash’s experiments with different methods of deconstruction and reconstruction of self portraits attempt to draw content from the unconscious to make it conscious, and then to use them as research into photographic abstract expressionism (initially brought about, not by painters, they contend, but by photographers). Nash was drawn to showing this work in the context of a dolls house because of the tangible link to childhood memory, and also the novelty of the setting, saying, “I’ve shown in a lot of galleries but never a miniature one!” This enigmatic art-photographer’s instagram account is well worth a look: @sullenriotphotography.

Jenny Nash: Two Feet In The Wardrobe

Freddy D’azure Hernández‘s THE WAY YOU VIEW YOUR OWN LIFE will make the journey all the way from Mexico to grace one of the Small House Galleries as soon as our two postal services allow.

Please bear with us with regards to the accompanying blurb. We were so excited about the show that we couldn’t wait to announce it. We are in the process of developing a fluent, accurate and nuanced translation of the texts we received, and then we will be in a better position to write a coherent abstract on the artist’s processes and intentions. Check back for an update soon.

Freddy D’azure-Hernández: Hardcandy (2018)

And in February 2021, we will be welcoming Jérémy Griffaud into the Small House Gallery fold with his miniature version of ENLARGE YOURSELF, an audio/visual installation/environment encompassing digitally assisted hand-drawn animations from his Landstrength videos, and miniature prints from the same series (same link, scroll down it). The works parody hyper-masculinity, and its extreme focus on discipline of the male body to turn it into a machine composed of pure muscle and grit, and also the mind-set involved in dominating the natural world, and other people, to the point of warfare. Griffaud uses the absurd intensity of bodybuilding and the inevitable peacocking that accompanies it, along with senseless, comically aggressive motivational slogans, as a visual language throughout his art practice.

Still from Landstrength video by Jérémy Griffaud, 2019

And in March, Giovanna Iorio‘s VOICE PORTRAITS exhibition will be a sensual, intellectual and cultural treat. The colourfully modified, strangely meditative spectrograms that Iorio creates allow us to ‘listen with our eyes’ to corresponding poetry readings by their original authors in their mother tongue. Italian, Irish, English, French, German, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Israeli, Icelandic, Swedish, American, Mexican, Cuban, Chinese, and Japanese poets are represented, the living and the dearly departed — big household names and those lesser known. The show will be a trip, around the world, and for the imagination. Iorio’s artistically interpreted spectrograms of recordings are selected from the Poetry Sound Library, a multi lingual, archival, interactive global map of poetry recordings that the Italian Iorio co-founded with her British husband.

In March or April, we will have Ian Andrews: Tiny Collision Event Experiments, featuring his particle physics-inspired, 3D experimental drawings from the #sketchbookcollider series (in collaboration with Professor Kostas Nikolopoulos, University of Birmingham particle physics group) and the maquettes Andrews made for his @artsatcern residency proposal (with Richard Gregory, Studio-KIND), which happen to be the actual size artworks for his show in Small House Gallery, from early March 2021 (or thereabouts).

You all remember Susan Schneider, right? Well, at some point between May and August, we will have a bracing seaside show of Susan Schneider‘s other small scale oil paintings on cedar cigar box panels, this time from her St Ives series. Schneider normally leaves her home in Seattle behind every summer holiday for the past who knows how long, to visit her beloved Cornwall. Obviously thanks to Covid, this couldn’t happen in 2020, but hopefully, by getting her vaccine very soon, it will mean she can fly to the UK this year and resume her annual pilgrimages to that impossibly beautiful, blue, West Country coastline.

Are you an artist?

Interested in showing your smallest works in our Small House Galleries? Send us your proposal. See our rolling Open Call or go to Curator Space to apply. You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to get in touch.

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