Toby Rainbird

Painter / printmaker TOBY RAINBIRD offers us a quiet contemplative show of black and white print works titled ‘Monoprints from Memory’ which involve portraits that Rainbird made during the lockdowns of 2020, haunting drawings from memory of his friends at rest (people asleep or at rest being one of the artistic subjects he returns to again and again).

Still from Landstrength video by Jérémy Griffaud, 2019

We will finally be welcoming Jérémy Griffaud into the Small House Gallery fold in May, with his miniature version of ENLARGE YOURSELF taking over Small House Two with an audio/visual installation/environment encompassing digitally assisted hand-drawn animations from his Landstrength videos, and miniature prints from the same series (same link, scroll down it). The works parody hyper-masculinity, and its extreme focus on discipline of the male body to turn it into a machine composed of pure muscle and grit, and also the mind-set involved in dominating the natural world, and other people, to the point of warfare. Griffaud uses the absurd intensity of bodybuilding and the inevitable peacocking that accompanies it, along with senseless, comically aggressive motivational slogans, as a visual language throughout his art practice.

We saw these mash-ups on DR ALEX PEARL’s instagram page: @rotagavinii and we had to reach out and ask if we could show them in a father & son show in one of our Small House Galleries. Alex said yes, and 2 year old LARRY said “yuss.” We’re very much looking forward to welcoming them to Small House Gallery One in May!

The Skip Sisters toy skip, as seen on the Blink Blog

All five of the wonderful SKIP SISTERS have promised to come back to us to do a whole-house takeover in June!

*happy dance*

Have a read of their Guradian article from 2014 to whet your whistle:

Demeter Dykes: Forest (at the Royal Arcade Boscombe Dorset)

A miniature version of Demeter Dykes‘ shredded paper tree columns and caves are confirmed for June.

Nadja Ellinger: Brüderchen

German artist Nadja Ellinger is confirmed for a show of her Path of Pins fairy tale inspired photographic maze throughout one of the Small Houses in July.

Freddy D’azure-Hernández: Hardcandy (2018)

We’re still hoping that Freddy D’azure Hernández‘s THE WAY YOU VIEW YOUR OWN LIFE will make the journey all the way from Mexico to grace one of the Small House Galleries as soon as our two postal services allow. We’re very much looking forward to that day coming. Possibly in July when restrictions are due to lift slightly more…??

August will hopefully be dedicated to the Big Small Summer Open, and depending on how many submissions we receive, it may be across all 3 (or even 4) Small House Galleries: Small House Gallery (One), Small House Two, Small House Cottage, maybe even Small House Garage, (aka Mac’s Garage, above).

To apply for the Small House Gallery Big SMALL SUMMER OPEN:

Follow the instructions / suggestions at the top of the >>>Open Call Page<<<

Coming in Autumn / Winter 2021
September: Barbara Jones
September: A. Rosemary Watson
October: Sinéid Codd: Animal House
October: Enver Gürsev: Voodoo Kebab
December/January: Jennifer Roberts

Are you an artist?

Interested in showing your smallest works in our Small House Galleries? Send us your proposal. See our rolling Open Call or go to Curator Space to apply. You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to get in touch. You can also message us here.

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