CAPTAIN VIOLET VINTAGE: WINTER TAKEOVER (and, introducing: Small House Two and Small House Cottage!)

CAPTAIN VIOLET VINTAGE takes over our latest ‘property acquisitions‘ – Small House Two & Small House Cottage.


February 2021

Small House Two has been lovingly restored, renovated and repainted and as soon as the paint was dry, in went these fresh & floral vintage brooches (& earrings & pendants) from the 1950s through to the 70s. There are enough jewellery items to fill the house several times over, but for now, we felt the need to look past winter in lockdown to brighter days ahead when we’ll be allowed out to have picnics with friends and family, and hang out in each other’s gardens again.

Small House Two was a rescue project during the Christmas 2020 / New Year 2021 lockdown period. It needed a LOT of work to get it in the shape it’s in now, and took a month to get it exhibition ready. We are so pleased with how it came out. It was a dolls house that had good bones (even though some of those bones were broken to begin with). What’s great about it is that it has an additional floor, which is something we’d secretly been pining after for some time. We bought it for the basement and figured we’d sell the top of the house on, but then the sense of having two whole galleries dawned on us. We’d be able to host two solo shows at a time, or a mixture of group shows and solo shows, by artists we’re so keen to work with, we don’t want to have to wait! We’d be able to stagger the shows and there’d potentially always be work in one of the galleries at any given time. And now, not only do we get to show artists sooner than originally planned, we don’t have to rush their exhibitions through to make way for the next artist! We get to savour the shows once they’re up, and get to know them slowly and more thoroughly. So that’s how and why Small House Two was born.

As of now, having just completed the refurbs to Small House Two, while we await deliveries from several artists whose parcels were delayed by the perfect postal storm of Covid and Christmas backlog, we find ourselves with an art gallery in search of some art.

Luckily, Jenny Nash‘s work posted successfully and quickly by comparison. Their show TWO FEET IN THE WARDROBE is currently on at SH2, on the ground floor.

On the floor above is a rotation of CAPTAIN VIOLET VINTAGE‘s February ‘SPRINGTIME EDITS’ & ‘VALENTINE EDITS’ – a pop-up showroom on the first floor. All those items are for sale.

If you see something you’d like to buy in the photos above or below, contact Captain Violet via their Etsy shop. Even if you don’t see these items listed in their shop, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been sold yet. Ask them about it. They are really friendly and helpful and if the piece hasn’t been sold yet, they will create a new listing for it, reserved specifically for you.

Go to:

>>>>>>> Captain Violet’s Etsy shop <<<<<<<<

Go to:

>>>>>>> Captain Violet’s Etsy shop <<<<<<<<

instagram @captainvioletvintage


December 2020

This vintage handmade dolls house had been a flea-market find that was lovingly restored and designer-pimped by the design duo behind R.Serra, Román and Simon. ( We are in love with what they’ve done and won’t be changing a single thing to it (beyond maybe installing lights at some point, and ok, we may want to change some of the rugs, but the wallpaper and the checkerboard flooring stays!)

Captain Violet Vintage had been planning to show their vintage jewellery in the original Small House Gallery building, but then, another Small House joined the family: Small House Two, which has the extra floor (a basement, or as Victoria Rance called it: an underworld) and they were all ready to set up shop in there. However, Small House Two is undergoing renovations so it’s not available for exhibiting in yet. So the show was going to have to be pushed back. Then, we got this additional house, even though it’s not our signature style house, architecturally, we just loved it so much. We thought we might use it as an alternative space, an expansion, an off site annex, or even a ‘retreat’. We offered it up to Captain Violet and they jumped at the opportunity.

Don’t let the name Small House Cottage fool you – it’s massive It turned out to be a lot bigger than the original Small House, and it is even bigger than the larger Small House Two! Captain Violet decided to show their vintage royal souvenir tea caddies in the Cottage, and when Gallery Two is finished, it will be filled with vintage jewellery for its maiden show. So there will be 2 Captain Violet Vintage takeovers. This is merely part one.

Find them on instagram @captainvioletvintage .

All the tins displayed in the above photos are for sale!

(Though some have of course been sold.)

Go to:

>>>>>>> Captain Violet’s Etsy shop <<<<<<<<

instagram @captainvioletvintage

Captain Violet Vintage Winter Takeovers, coming soon.


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