Upcycled Miniature Treasures in the Attic of Small House Two by three of the Skip Sisters

The Skip Sisters are a group of five gorgeous, socially and environmentally conscious artist/makers who, between 2006 – 2015, have been rescuing discarded materials and objects from the fate of landfill, by restoring, repurposing, and upcycling them into new and desirable objects again. Between them, they made sculptural objects, clocks, jewellery, textiles and more out of things nobody seemed to want, and turned them into useful objects or whimsical objets d’art. Their collective creativity knew/ still knows no bounds.  The ‘Skippies’ in alphabetical order are: Julia BurnettEdori FertigLiz Honeybone, Pia Randall-Goddard and Helen Turner.

Above: Clockwise from top left: Liz Honeybone’s snow plow pin cushion, Julia Burnett’s landscape painter painting in a box, Edori Fertig’s ‘Miniature Museum,’ Julia Burnett’s pocketwatch snowglobe skiier, and a beaded shell brooch by Edori Fertig. All works made by these 3 members of the Skip Sisters between 2006-2015.

Below: Installation views, Upcycled Treasures in the Attic of Small House Two by three of the Skip Sisters.

NB: We are showing selected work from three ‘Skippies’ (as they informally call themselves) at this time, but we’re so pleased to be able to confirm that a full-house-takeover will take place with all five of the Skip Sisters showing work with us this summer. *Squeeee!*

(More biographical information about each artist-member will be included then.)

Press: the Skip Sisters have been featured in The Guardian, Home and Antiques Magazine, SE22 Magazine, Mail on Sunday: You Magazine, Women’s Own Magazine, Living South, Reloved: The Creative Guide To Upcycling, and several other blogs and online magazines. See for yourself at:


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