Jo Evans: Such Curious Notes in the Margin of the Private Mind

With her fabric collection as her paint box, Jo Evans creates abstract art with textiles. She makes ‘paintings’ using beautiful natural fabrics such as linen and silk, manipulating but also relinquishing control to the warp and weft. At first glance the work is minimal, almost flat but on closer inspection oozing texture and tone. She loves to experiment with raw edges, fraying and layering, often pulling at threads to see what happens.

She is drawn to ‘traditionally female’ methods of creation rooted in traditional techniques such as hand stitching which is then married to a love of simple modern aesthetics.

Inspiration comes from architecture and design as much as artists of the last century (Paul Klee, Agnes Martin, Ben Nicholson to name but a few) – “I LOVE a straight line.” She generally improvises using fabric she has to hand, although her quilts are meticulously designed and calculated – a process of many parts.

She believes that art born of textiles has as much to give as a painting and can truly enhance our daily lives. “You can feel its depth, its softness… Fabric has been on a journey and feels full of soul long before it has even gotten near to fulfilling its potential and l love that about this medium”.

Bio/Artist Statement for textile artist Jo Evans (100_Hours)

More works by prolific textile artist Jo Evans can be found on instagram where she is known as @100_hours.

You can commission bespoke, life-sized works from Jo. She takes commissions on hand stitched paintings or wall quilts and if you visit her website, she occasionally makes small batches of one of a kind homewares. Feel free to message her directly to enquire about any of the pieces you’ve viewed on her insta feed.

Jo shows her work in regular sized galleries, too. At the time of publishing this post she’s exhibiting at Broadway Gallery, Letchworth and Open Door Gallery, Berkhamsted.


Find Jo Evans on the web:; and on instagram: @100_hours.

Jo gave SHG a little mention when she was interviewed by ‘The Letchworth Open’ curator Kris Day:

>>> KrisDay/JoEvans-Interview <<<

Her lovely Spotify playlist for that Letchworth show is worth a listen – super chill and groovy vibes…


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