Some of the CONFIRMED ARTISTS so far:

Annie Taylor, Whitstable, UK
Nick Ivins, Dorset, UK
Kirsty Hall, Hebden Bridge, UK
Ayshe-Mira Yashin, Turkey & Cyprus


  1. Penny Hallas – Black Mountains Views Group (a mixture of Skirrid and Black Mountain Road views; oil paintings on lenses of cats’ eyes) – Wales
  2. Yvonne Kendall Fancies 1-4. (there will actually be 5 of them!)- Germany
  3. Caro WilliamsCrossings; Peace Drawings (tiny acrylic sculpture groupings derived from sound-wave shapes of key spoken words) – UK
  4. Sally Eldars (The Open Dresser Gallery) – 7 Sea Monsters (consciousness raising sculptures made of beach-combed micro-plastics) – UK
  5. Elaine Luther (of Angelica Kauffman Gallery microgallery) – Rusty Water Tower and Branch; Sunset Chicago; Tree Shadow on Red Brick (from her View Through the Windshield series) – Chicago
  6. Lucy WinnicottSlope; Rounded Stairs; Spikey (miniature white faux leather soft sculptures) – UK
  7. Leanna Moran – Orb Room, Don’t Eat the Apple, Spider Bed (miniature mixed media installaitons) – UK
  8. Abby Sonia Davies (Orange Tree Art) – Biodiversity; Filled; Look Away (from her ‘Identity Cards’ series) – UK
  9. Mary Crenshaw – Earthenware Books Nos. 2; 3; 1 – Milan
  10. Susan Schneider – End of Fishing Day; After the Storm; Dog in Orange Jacket (selected St Ives oils on cigar box panels) – Seattle
  11. Octavia MilnerFigures 1-3 (mixed media found object assemblages – metal, rusty metal, plastic) – UK
  12. Abi LewisTiny Taxidermy: Tiger Rug; Stuffed Bear; Mounted Wolf Head (polymer clay) – UK
  13. PeisleyOne Alone; One Looking; One With the Sphere of All (porcelain figures on miniature plinths) – UK
  14. Lucie Fitzpatrick (of The Dolls House Art Gallery) – My Left Brain (steel, spray paint, magnetic cubes); Cells (laser cut acrylic); City Strip (collage) – UK
  15. Jack Woodward (of A Cardboard Monkey microgallery) – Cops and Robbers (cardboard play set) – UK
  16. Annie Taylor – ‘an Alice, a cake, and a little Alice in a bottle’ – UK
  17. Nick IvinsSuper Yacht Matches; Pirate Matches; 4 Letter Word Signal Flags Matches; Red Pirate Matches (paintings on boxes of cooking matches) – UK
  18. Kirsty HallPaper Dolls (after Megan Whisner-Quinlan) : The Monster; The Bride; The Blue Lady; The Matriarch (card, paper, inkjet prints, acrylic paint, glue, pen) – UK
  19. Ann Blackburn (aka Papier Maverick) – Yoga Was Her Safe Space for Mean Thoughts; Overcome a with Sale Fever, She a left the Baby at the Till in Zara; and Rogue Buddha (hand-painted papier-mâché figures) – UK
  20. Ayshe-Mira Yashin – Sun Salutation; The Moment Before A Kiss; The World: Card from the Sapphic Enchantress Tarot Deck – Turkey & Cyprus
  21. Lucy Bryant (aka Haus of Lucy) – Wireless; Skate Betty; Village People; and The Girl in the Adidas Tracksuit Top (4x miniature framed prints) – UK
  22. Sara Ulfsparre – Untitled 1-3 (needle felted wool sculptures) – Sweden & UK (photos not currently available)
  23. Graham Everitt – 1 in 4 (jelly babies installation) – UK (photos not currently available)
  24. Jenny Bramley – Slides 81, 95 and 97 (each found slide consists of the remnants from 2350 metres of sellotape, 157 A3 sheets of carbon paper, 18 drawers, 44 hours, 2021) – UK (photos not currently available)
  25. Carole GriffithsGrind Me Down (Pestle and Mortar) 2021 (sculptey); Scratched Drawing (Spoon and Fork) 2020; Coat Hanger : Hook Ups; Sutra Doll (chain stitch and fabric figure) – UK (photos not currently available)
  26. Ruth Franklin(5 collages – awaiting titles) – UK (photos not currently available)

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