We are finally able to welcome JÉRÉMY GRIFFAUD into the Small House Gallery fold this May, with his miniature version of ENLARGE YOURSELF taking over Small House Two with an audio/visual installation/environment encompassing digitally assisted hand-drawn animations from his Landstrength videos, and miniature prints from the same series (same link, scroll down it). The works parody hyper-masculinity, and its extreme focus on discipline of the male body to turn it into a machine composed of pure muscle and grit, and also the mind-set involved in dominating the natural world, and other people, to the point of warfare. Griffaud uses the absurd intensity of bodybuilding and the inevitable peacocking that accompanies it, along with senseless, comically aggressive motivational slogans, as a visual language throughout his art practice.

I graduated from Pavillon Bosio, the Art and Scenography School of Monaco in 2017. I work essentially with drawing, video and installation.

My research follows the popular culture spread by television, music industry and especially social media.

Subjects I question are directly or indirectly linked to the construction of an image carrying an identity, which can be a self-representation, representation of a group or the representation of an ideology.
I focus essentially on the ways which individuals or groups use to differentiate themselves, through visuals processes or storytelling.

My approach consists in diverting some stereotypes or codes to another context of reception and/or production. My creations are thus often parodic or absurd.

Jérémy Griffaud is a young artist who lives and works in Nice, France.
‘Motivation’ video by Jérémy Griffaud, in his ENLARGE YOURSELF solo show in Small House Gallery, 2021

Some of Griffaud’s original videos below, as well as additional BONUS materials Griffaud has been working that are linked to this project, but were in past shows in his native Nice.

Three short videos by Jérémy Griffaud (2019), Landstrength, 2′ The best landscape, 2′, Drealmand Dreamland Dramedanl, 45′ “
View from the exhibition Enlarge Yourself by Jérémy Griffaud for OVNi Festival in Hôtel Splendid, Nice, France 2019.
2021 Vidéo inspirée de mon projet Contre-Nature et réalisée en collaboration avec les élèves du collège du Beffroi (Billom) durant la résidence effectuée Vidéoformes.

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