LUVA (LDVA) interview with Small House Gallery

Our curator Eldi Dundee in conversation with Lydia Poole for LUVA/LDVA Gallery‘s June 2021 zine:

Designed and edited by Lydia Poole. (c) LUVA Gallery (aka LDVA Gallery) and Lydia Poole 2021

A couple of snippety snippets:

You can purchase a limited edition riso-print copy of LUVA/LDVA’s zine* via their instagram account @luva_gallery but you’ve got to be quick. Once they’re gone they’re gone, so register your interest asap.

In addition to our interview, the zine features their ‘make something that makes you feel good’ VR exhibition, and other interviews with Constance Laterre, IMTgallery, and Ekphriasis, discussing topics such as international collaboration, art online, and ‘phigital’ crossover.

*(The text in the actual zine is a lot clearer than these screenshots of the PDFs! Don’t believe me? See this little looping video from LUVA’s own instagram page)


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