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Still from Landstrength video by Jérémy Griffaud, 2019

We will finally be welcoming JÉRÉMY GRIFFAUD into the Small House Gallery fold in May, with his miniature version of ENLARGE YOURSELF taking over Small House Gallery One with an audio/visual installation/environment encompassing digitally assisted hand-drawn animations from his Landstrength videos, and miniature prints from the same series (same link, scroll down it). The works parody hyper-masculinity, and its extreme focus on discipline of the male body to turn it into a machine composed of pure muscle and grit, and also the mind-set involved in dominating the natural world, and other people, to the point of warfare. Griffaud uses the absurd intensity of bodybuilding and the inevitable peacocking that accompanies it, along with senseless, comically aggressive motivational slogans, as a visual language throughout his art practice.

The Skip Sisters toy skip, as seen on the Blink Blog

All five of the wonderful SKIP SISTERS have promised to come back to us to do a whole-house takeover in June!

*happy dance*

Have a read of their Guradian article from 2014 to whet your whistle:

Demeter Dykes: Forest (in miniature)

A miniature version of Demeter Dykes‘ shredded paper tree columns and caves are confirmed for June. Demeter uses objects and materials taken from everyday life (shredded bills being a particular favourite of ours) and applying herself with an almost ‘devotional’ fortitude, she creates works which transcend the banality of their original materials, imbuing them with grace, sophistication, and intelligence, a pinch of wonderment, and a simultaneous slug of absurdist humour. Qualities of surface, line, and structure are inseparable from futility, fear and hope in her output. Apart from lecturing at Arts University Bournemouth, Demeter has been shortlisted for the most recent Trinity Buoy Drawing Prize (2020/21) and is a current recipient of funding for her ongoing installation work in the Bournemouth Emerging Artists Fringe 2019-21.

Sickbed, Julia Maddison 2016 (Photo by Gianluca Bonomo)

Julia Maddison is confirmed for a show in Small House Cottage in June!

This will be a very special show for us because it will be our first exhibition by an outside artist in that particular, peculiar dolls house. Maddison will be installing small works around the themes of sickness, shelter and hurt. She says, “I envisage the space as some kind of eccentric hospital or asylum. The crazy, out of scale, nightmarish wallpaper … puts me in mind of a Švankmajer film.” Yes! And what’s great is that Julia isn’t bothered about us not having been able to install lights in the Cottage yet. “The more dysfunctional the space, the better.” Hell yes! (Further details will follow)

Nadja EllingerBrüderchen

German artist Nadja Ellinger is confirmed for a show of her Path of Pins fairytale-inspired, photographic maze to be hung throughout all the floors in one of the Small House Two in July.

Jamaican-American artist Bugzdale is bringing his show Community to Small House Gallery One in July. These layered hand drawn digital portraits represent individuals Bugzdale knows personally, as well as media figures, who all happen to have the shared experience of being seen, judged and treated differently (and more often than not, that means badly and unfairly) based solely on the colour of their skintone; they make up a printed canvas series called ‘Community’ and is a both a celebration and a polemic

Corinna Spencer has been confirmed for Small House Cottage for July! The show is being developed especially for that unusual domestic micro-space and we understand it will consist of a combination of original paintings and drawings made for the cottage and scaled down/printed paintings in miniature picture frames. If you are familiar with her work and with the challenge of Small House Cottage as a micro-venue, you will be as intrigued and excited as we are to see what she comes up with. (Images: ‘Small Dreams’, acrylic on paper, 30x40cm and ’Sketch Book All the Eyes’, tiny hand-drawn pencil drawings in a doll-sized sketchbook, both 2021)

August will hopefully be dedicated to the Big Small Summer Open, and depending on how many submissions we receive, it may be across all 3 (or even 4) Small House Galleries: Small House Gallery (One), Small House Two, Small House Cottage, maybe even Small House Garage (aka Mac’s Garage, above).

To apply for the Small House Gallery Big SMALL SUMMER OPEN:

Follow the instructions / suggestions at the top of the >>>Open Call Page<<<

Coming in Autumn / Winter 2021
September: Barbara Jones
September: A. Rosemary Watson
September, Small House Cottage: Sara Ulfsparre
OctoberSinéid CoddAnimal House
OctoberEnver Gürsev: Voodoo Kebab

October, Small House Cottage: Dale Christopher Wells

Due to a scheduled artist’s preference for Small House Cottage. If you are seeing this message:

One of the traditional Houses (not sure which yet) is available in this November slot!

(It’s the last opening we have* until we can secure funding for the project to continue)

To apply see the OPEN CALL page and follow instructions to the CuratorSpace application portal.

November, Small House Cottage: Karen Melvin: Offcuts

November: Louise Ashcroft

(Awaiting place-marker photo)

December/JanuaryJennifer Roberts

LAST CHANCE TO SHOW WITH US: December2021/January2022


*One of the traditional Small Houses might be available in November. In December/January: SHG or SH2 (but not both, and not sure yet which) plus Small House Cottage are free.
Whoever’s work is in a house in December, it will remain through January (because Xmas break).

January 2022 marks 15 months of entirely free labour on this passion project since its expanded revival in lockdown. It’s unsustainable (and not only financially) without an income from it. Generous support from somewhere – an individual, a community of individuals, an organisation, a corporate sponsor, you reading this?

Open to all ideas.

If our funding situation changes, we will invite new submissions from around October/November with a view to producing further shows as far into 2022 as possible.

If we do fold, then this website (and the instagram) will serve as an archival time capsule that we’re lucky to have been able to create with you all.

Thank you for your support of Small House Gallery up til this point, whether moral or otherwise.

~ Small House Gallery curator

If you want to support us further, we would be grateful to receive your financial contributions towards the running and maintenance costs of the project.


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