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PETTING ZOO: A TWO PERSON SHOW by Alex Pearl and Larry Valentine Pearl

Alex Pearl makes: mini epic films, video installations, games, photographs, objects, blogs
and books. In 2018 he completed a PhD (at MMU and FACT Liverpool) on mechanical
breakdown and anthropomorphism. This involved making, and pretending to dress up as, a
series of badly made robots. Current work has grown from a series of speculative planning
applications made to Ipswich Borough Council to bring wonder to the town centre.

Larry Valentine Pearl is two he likes diggers and cars.

Finishing Now…

Johanna Bolton: BODY BUILDING

UK based Swedish sculptor and conceptual artist JOHANNA BOLTON testing some of her sculptural ideas out in Small House Two for a larger exhibition / project she’s working on, and coinciding with an experimental sister solo show in the virtual sphere:

“The origin of this work [for Bolton] was a photography project with the intention to find poses with strong shapes that could be viewed as parts of a series – either a series of movements or a system of symbols, a kind of semi-semiotic archive of shapes.

During lockdown, the photographs were reworked into patterns in two- and three dimensions. The pillars are also a play on Caryatids, greek pillars shaped as women working hard to hold up the roof.„


Painter / printmaker TOBY RAINBIRD offers us a quiet contemplative show of black and white print works titled ‘Monoprints from Memory’ which involve very sensitively drawn black and white portraits that Rainbird made during the lockdowns of 2020, haunting drawings from memory of the friends he was isolated from as he recalled them being when they in a state of chilled calm. People asleep or at rest is one of the artistic subjects this artist returns to again and again, normally in vibrant colour and painted in oils. So a departure, and yet not a departure for him.


(An alternative curation experience in Small House Cottage)

An unofficial and unauthorised installation of IAN ANDREWS‘ TINY COLLISION EVENT EXPERIMENTS can be found in Small House Cottage at the moment. We wanted to test the Cottage as an mini exhibition space, and were equally curious to see to how Ian’s ‘quantum particle’ sculptures would fare when taken out of the context they were made for – five pairs of sculptural works with their bespoke floor drawings cut to fit 4.5 storeys of Small House Two. These small scale works relate, of course to his Sketchbook and the Collider work with particle physicist Prof Kostas Nikolopoulos at University of Birmingham. View those works in the context of Small House Two, and then scroll see what they look like installed throughout the whole two-sided Cottage in the ‘bonus material’ section at the footer of >>>>Ian’s page on our site<<<<, or on >>>>our instagram feed<<<<


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