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Now accepting proposals!

Visualise your miniature artworks here

Paintings, sculpture, site-specific installations, digital sound pieces,
tiny-videos on tablets or mobile devices?

Group or solo shows, and mini-residencies considered

Proposals are welcome for interiors and exterior interventions

Excited to see what you will submit for this micro-site!


Interior and exterior dimensions to Small House Gallery:

Scale of dollshouse is 1:12. There is flexible mains electric lighting fitted throughout = 3 x swivel spotlights per floor (12v)

(Below) SMALL HOUSE TWO with its additional floor (lower ground / basement)

(Above) Left: Small House Two having just been renovated with indoor lighting and a stucco frontage (or painted pebble-dashing) – it came with a black painted roof, which was impossible to remove, so we went with it, we think it looks good with the new frontage. We’ve kept the rubber wood trim unpainted (for now). Small House Two is currently residing on a kitchen table in a secure family home in South London. It’s too big for the current shared studio space. Right: Small House Two interiors, shown in full colour, with 6″ x 6″ paintings on paper by Edori Fertig (Meditations in Blue, 2021) in the top three floors, and furnished as a lobby / reception area in the lower ground floor extension.

(Above) Left: ‘God’s Eye View’ of the Small House Two basement annex (pre-renovations); Right: Front elevation view of the lower ground floor of Small House Two and the site office (before the decorators and electricians arrived)

NB: We are in the process of expanding our family of Small House Galleries. Small House Two is the same as Small House Gallery (the iconic original) but with an additional (basement) floor. We have also unexpectedly acquired a vintage designer-pimped dolls house that we are calling Small House Cottage, which is actually the largest of the three houses. And, as if that weren’t exciting enough, we’re collaborating with Mac’s Garage (a toy made by artist Iain MacLaren’s father and outgrown by Iain’s now teenaged son) and renovating it with him so maybe it will be useable by the next generation of grand kids, but whileit’s in our care, we’re calling that project Small House Garage and it’s a perfect venue for indoor and ‘outdoor’ sculpture, video works, and miniature light installations. (Pictures and dimensions of these will follow.)

Small House Gallery still lives in the art studio, along with temporary micro gallery project pop-up Small House Garage.

Small House Two and Small House Cottage are on display in the eat-in kitchen of a private residence, therefore can only be viewed online (or by invitation).

Notes on submissions:

Please try to include as much of the following:  

  • Your name(s)
  • City / country of birth
  • Current country / city of residence (if different)
  • Full postal address
  • Telephone number (+ dialing codes)
  • Email address
  • Your professional web or blog links
  • Artist statement with Bio
  • CV / resume
  • Up to 10 x jpeg images of proposed work (drawings, sketches, photos, video stills) or links to video or sound works, labelled as: YourName_WorkTitle_Date
    (Please try to keep total combined files under 25mb)
  • Image list (Title, Year, Medium, Dimensions)

Please also try to include:

  • A brief essay/outline of your vision for a show at Small House Gallery, Small House Two, or Small House Cottage.
  • Preferred timeline (for sending work, showing it, shipping back, etc. For example, if you are still in the process of making the work, are you proposing it for 3 months from now? or is the work finished and ready to ship and exhibit now? What’s your ideal length for your show? a couple of weeks? a month?

Let’s try to make it happen!

Read FAQs below, and if you have any further questions, contact us.

Submissions are open    –>  here  <–    (via Curator Space).


Q. Are there any fees for submitting or exhibiting?

A. Not at the moment. For now, it’s free to apply and to show. The artist will need to cover any shipping costs of work to and from the Small House Gallery. In the future, we may need to charge a nominal admin fee but as long as you’re seeing this current message, it means it’s FREE!

Q. Can I send digital files and you put them up on the website for me?

A. Sorry, no. It is not a ‘virtual space’ in that sense. The project is a physical site and requires artists/representatives to send physical artworks to London, UK. Even if the work is digital in nature, decide how it’s to be shown – prints? a video? other? and then send the physical works, and if necessary, the means to show it as you wish it to be viewed. You can send your small screen devices such as old mobile/cell phones, or mini projectors, or whatever it is – but it will need to fit in the Small House spaces or be physically attached to the house somehow without damaging the structure (unless you’re happy to pay the costs of replacing the house, the electrics and the redecorating, etc. We recognise that sometimes destruction is part of the creation, but you’d need to cover the costs for all damages, and that’s around £500-700.00 minimum depending on which ‘house’ it is, and that’s not even counting labour hours yet). You would be responsible for the cost of shipping these items to the gallery and back, and all the works and accompanying equipment must be insured by you, so be aware of all this before submitting. We are not a funded gallery (we don’t charge fees, and we don’t get paid!) and so we can’t pay to print out copies of the works from files you send us, or for your postage to and from the gallery, or provide small screen devices or projectors for your work. We wish we could, but we can’t. Maybe if at some point we get sponsorship or a grant this will change(?) but for now, nope.

You will be asked to send files and links so we can put them up on the website along with images documenting the installation of your physical works in the physical house. Hopefully that’s clear? Any questions can be asked here, or via CuratorSpace.

Q. Do you take commission on artwork sales?

A. If you are lucky enough to sell any of the works through or as a result of your Small House Gallery exhibition, we would appreciate a commission of 20% for that/those sale/s. If a sale comes through to you and the buyer mentions having seen it on our website or social media platforms, we would be really chuffed if you would honour that arrangement, but we cannot and would not want to enforce such a thing. It’s really just a nominal courtesy, and would help towards admin and running costs. If you would like to offer a higher commission in line with what ‘real’ galleries take (35-75%), we wouldn’t say no, but that’s only if you’re feeling super flush and want to be mega-generous! In our experience 20% feels fair all round, and we’re operating on an ‘honour-system’ rather than demanding a contractual obligation. That may evolve and change in future, but for now, it’s pretty loose and easy.

Q. How long will the Small House Project be going on for?

A. For as long as it lasts. Several months, maybe a few years, we’ll see! It depends on how long we can sustain it as a self funded venture, or whether we are able to secure financial support through collaborative sponsorship or a grant of some kind.

Q. Is there a deadline for submissions?

A. At the moment there is no deadline for submitting.

Q. Where is Small House Gallery based?

A. Mainly, it’s based in the online webosphere. But for purposes of sending your work and viewing it, currently it’s in a (lockable) she-shed (an ex-darkroom) within a shared art studio in South London (UK), off the tube line but well-served by loads of buses and a near to handful of overland train stations. It occasionally will travel to other exhibition spaces at the invitation of curators for group shows and open house events. You will be informed in advance if the Small House will be exhibited in another 3D space during your show’s proposed timeline, or if an opportunity to show in another gallery arises while your work is being shown; it will not be moved to another location without your knowledge and explicit consent.

Q. Will there be a preview and closing party for my Small House Gallery exhibition?

A. In its current, intimate location, no, not in way of the traditional grand gallery opening-night private view party. It may, however, suit a very small salon-type gathering of a few choice guests and a very strict guest list. We have to be respectful of the shared workspace the Small House Gallery inhabits, and its neighbour artists. When the project travels to spaces of a more public nature, then yes, absolutely. If your show corresponds to an official Open Studio event, then yes, a small party would be allowed (when Covid restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to do so), but not at other times.

Q. I am an artist based abroad. I am interested in sending a proposal for the Small House Gallery. Do you accept proposals if the work is shipped? Or must the artist be present and install the work?

A. Yes, absolutely, if you can make sure all shipping and customs costs (including insurance) are covered. And if you have definite installing needs and send clear instructions with your initial proposal and even more explicit instructions with the shipped work, then you shouldn’t need to be present.

Q. I want to show video(s) in the Small House. Do you have projectors, tablets or phones I could use for my exhibition?

A. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not. Artists need to supply their own equipment for showing video, and to ensure that they are in good working order for the initial shoot, at the very least. Since the show lives predominantly online, this may be enough time to secure your show in viewers’ imaginations, and on the website for posterity, even if the physical ‘real life’ show can’t be sustained for longer than that due to lack of handheld screens or whatever. You can perhaps source devices from sites like Gumtree, or a local neighbourhood network (ie. the Next Door App), or borrow from friends and relatives, or even try to secure a loan or sponsorship from one of the makers or suppliers of the devices themselves. If it’s just for a limited time period, it’s not unheard of. There may also be the possibility of finding a/v equipment in an online swap shop forum, lending library or hiring club — these definitely do exist out there for borrowing/hiring/renting art-making tools and film-making equipment. You’d have to meet certain criteria – invigilation, security, insurance – but it’s doable. (For example, if you’re in Wales, you could try For London there’s

Q. I want to propose an intervention that could destroy the surfaces or integral structure of the Small House Gallery. Would that be accepted?

A. Destruction of the Small House Gallery would be a very undesirable and upsetting outcome, and is therefore is highly discouraged. All damages would need to be paid for and made good again by you, and could result in your having to foot the bill for it being expertly remade to a high enough standard from scratch (then repainted and re-wired properly) which would not be cheap. Replacing the house alone costs between £400 and £700 (depending on if it’s Small House Gallery One or Small House Two, and that’s not counting the electrics and decor, materials and labour.
Some interventions, however, might be open for consideration as long as they do not risk or cause permanent damage to the surfaces or structure of the Small House Gallery, or if they do risk, imply or intend permanent damage or destruction, contractual assurances would need to be agreed with regards to costs of making good again, or replacing and re-fitting/decorating to a high standard the gallery so that it is restored to exactly the state it was in before the application was submitted and agreed. The cost of which would be determined as and when such a proposal is submitted and accepted by Small House Gallery, and if the terms are agreeable to you, we’ve got ourselves a show.
(Looking at you, Rachel Whiteread, Richard Wilson, Cornelia Parker.)

Further questions? Get in touch.

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