Summer Open

Inviting submissions for a SUMMER SHOW this AUGUST!

The BIG Small House Summer Open

Small House Gallery is now accepting submissions of miniature art works for a Summer Show across all 3 dollhouse galleries (maybe 4) in the Small House collection: Small House Gallery, Small House Two, Small House Cottage and maybe Small House Garage (if we still have access to it by then)

Who: Emerging and more established fine artists across all disciplines. Artists of underrepresented identities of any & all kinds are expressly welcome. Artists who work in miniature, want to depart from usual practice & experiment with small scale. Maquettes for large works welcome!

When: EXHIBITION DATES: 1st – 31st AUGUST 2021; CUTOFF DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 3rd JULY; DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF DELIVERED WORKS: 17th JULY 2021 (But preferably the week before!! Work arriving after the delivery deadline is not guaranteed to be shown, because curation will already have begun, but will be reviewed on a case by case basis)

Charges: £3.00 via would help towards covering the costs of running Small House Gallery. (If you honestly can’t pay that and still want to submit work, get in touch – we don’t want money to be a barrier)

Details: The prospect of filling all 3 (or possibly 4) Small House Galleries with a diverse array of works by different artists at different stages of their careers for a Micro Summer Show is very exciting.

Depending on how much work is submitted, and on the type of works, it could be that we show it all in Small House Gallery One, or the larger Small House Two, or across both houses, or it may even extend into Small House Cottage which is the biggest of the lot, but less ‘white cube’, and we may still have Small House Garage in our midst which suits tiny light installations, videos on mobile phones or small scale sculpture for inside the shop or dotted around the forecourt.

What, whether and which houses we show will be entirely up to what we receive!

Thoroughly looking forward to seeing what you submit!

Instagram highlight at @small_house_gallery

To see dimensions and stats for (most of) the houses, go to the >>>>>>Open Call page<<<<<<

Then, when you’re ready to

Apply: Send submissions to the Big SMALL SUMMER OPEN opportunity on >>>>>> CuratorSpace<<<<<<<


  • NAME
  • PRONOUNS (Optional)
  • ARTWORK TITLE (+ Year, Medium, Dimensions)
  • FILE (label w/ name & work’s title)
  • WEBSITE / INSTA (etc)

Dates to Remember:

  • Cut-off Date: 3 July 2021
  • Absolute Deadline for Receiving Work: 17 July 2021 (Preferably the week before!!)
  • (We will not consider any work received after 17th July because the August summer show needs to start 1st August!)
  • Exhibition Dates: 1st – 31st August 2021
  • Deadline for Collecting Work: 12th September 2021 (18:00 hrs latest)
  • (Please make sure to arrange for pick up by 6pm, 12th September. We will have taken the work down by the 1st September to free up the 4 houses for their September solo shows, and we really won’t have anywhere safe to store 20-50-100 artists’ individual works beyond that date, so we reserve the right to charge a storage fee of £2.00 per day for each day the work is left with us beyond the 12th, or if not paid, to keep it, sell it, give it away or dispose of it in any way we see fit. We’re not doing this to be mean, but to be practical, and to motivate you to collect your work. If you don’t want to arrange for pick up, or you know that you want us to dispose of the work and you won’t be charged, please tell us this before 6pm on the 12th September!)


>>>>> Contact us! <<<<<

Photos and dimensions of the Houses over on our Open Call page

(Full link)

(Full CuratorSpace listing link)


Further questions? Get in touch.

Submit –>  here  <–    (via Curator Space).

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