A GREAT BIG TINY GROUP SHOW BONANZA ACROSS ALL THE HOUSES IN THE SMALL HOUSE GALLERY COLLECTION Some of the CONFIRMED ARTISTS so far: Penny Hallas, Llangattock, WalesYvonne Kendall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Caro Williams, London ,UKCaro Williams, London ,UKSally Eldars, Kent, UKSally Eldars, Kent, UK Sally Eldars, Kent, UKSally Eldars, Kent, UKSally Eldars, Kent, UKElaine Luther,…Read more THE BIG SMALL HOUSE SUMMER OPEN

Johanna Bolton: BODY BUILDING

Johanna Bolton: Body Building, detail (attic, Small House Two) Johanna Bolton: BODY BUILDING "The origin of this work [for Bolton] was a photography project with the intention to find poses with strong shapes that could be viewed as parts of a series - either a series of movements or a system of symbols, a kind…Read more Johanna Bolton: BODY BUILDING

Let’s play curators! (2019)

Once upon a time, in 2019 in fact, there lived a girl called Mia. Mia, who was six and three quarters years old at the time, lived on a Spanish island with her mummy, Sonia, and their two Spanish cats. Even though they lived in Spain now, Mia was an English girl, as she was born in London. One day, when Mia and Sonia were visiting London again, Sonia called on her very close friend, Eldi, to see if she wouldn't mind babysitting Mia for a couple of days while Sonia had to travel overseas for work.

Year of the Hen (2017)

Small House Gallery hosts another solo mini show by artist Eldi Dundee, for the 2017 Chinese Open: Le Coq Artistes, curated by Jude Montague and Matt Armstrong...