Bugzdale Jackson: COMMUNITY

BUGZDALE Him, His, He. Queens, NY Artist Bio Anthony Jackson who is also known as Bugzdale is from Mandeville Jamaica and grew up in New York City. Bugzdale graduated from the University of Albany with his MFA in May 2020. He is currently located in the Upstate New York and the New York City area.…Read more Bugzdale Jackson: COMMUNITY


A GREAT BIG TINY GROUP SHOW BONANZA ACROSS ALL THE HOUSES IN THE SMALL HOUSE GALLERY COLLECTION Some of the CONFIRMED ARTISTS so far: Penny Hallas, Llangattock, WalesYvonne Kendall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Caro Williams, London ,UKCaro Williams, London ,UKSally Eldars, Kent, UKSally Eldars, Kent, UK Sally Eldars, Kent, UKSally Eldars, Kent, UKSally Eldars, Kent, UKElaine Luther,…Read more THE BIG SMALL HOUSE SUMMER OPEN

Susan Schneider: An Update

Back in October (2020), we showed a charming series of small, glossy, thickly-textured abstract oil paintings on wood, that were bought in a South London charity shop around 15 years ago. If so, you'll know that we were intrigued to know more about the artist, who'd initialled them on the front, but luckily for us, also signed her full name on the backs of them: Susan Schneider.

Susan Schneider: Oil Sketches

OCTOBER 2020 Small House Gallery is pleased to show miniature works by Susan Schneider. We're just not sure which Susan Schneider it is we're showing. (We do now! <——Update) Very little is known about 'our' Susan Schneider at this time. We found her glossy, strongly textured abstract oil studies, painted on small wooden panels, in…Read more Susan Schneider: Oil Sketches