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A lot of artist opportunities will open up in the new year, for exhibiting in Small House Gallery, and the opportunity to show your work as part of a hybrid physical/‘phigital’ collaboration between curator Eldi Dundee and the Guild of Micro Galleries under the banner of ‘SMALL PACKAGES‘ at APT Gallery (London) in the process of being planned for April 15-23 2024! … (More on this soon.)

The latest Small House on Tour co-curation project sees Small House Cottage taking up semi-permanent residence within Turntable Gallery, Grimsby (NE Lincolnshire) from November 2022, for a radically different programme co-curated by Dale Wells, Darren Neaves, and Eldi Dundee.

Small House Gallery One & Small House Two will continue to operate from their South London domicile for the foreseeable future, curated by Eldi Dundee and guest curators.

Check back for further updates & announcements here, or via our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & TikTok accounts, & if you’re an ARTIST? then CuratorSpace is the place your you!

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Interested in buying Small Art?

Susan Schneider’s oil paintings are for sale at !


May 2023 – Florencia Durante: 17 Years, Fragments

The brilliant architecturally & sculpturally-minded RCA-educated Argentinian fine art photographer Florencia Durante will be creating new work specific to the scale of Small House Gallery.

(Florencia’s May show can be viewed on our instagram account between and

Their page on this site will be viewable in June here: Florencia Durante: 17 Years, Fragments (currently password protected)

Image: Whirlpool, from her Light Action series, 2006

June 2023 – Poppy Whatmore: Maquettes
Maquettes in plaster, clay, wood and ceramic by Poppy Whatmore MRSS, reflecting on the function and significance of the maquette in her process of making sculpture.

July/August 2023 – Ali Darke: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW
An exhibition of hauntingly amorphous sculptures by Ali Darke in which “echoes of trauma, loss and psychic fragmentation are viscerally expressed in materiality and form.”

Sept 2023 –

& beyond
In the Autumn 2023 (& beyond) lineup, we have a mini ‘Poster Girls’ show by contemporary surrealist Rosemary Jane Cronin with an exclusive and fabulous new cocktail bar by miniaturist Yvette Driver of Little Papa Dollhouse, Brighton; the 60s hairdo drawings, paintings and press-on nail sculptures of Chrissie Stewart, and Susan Francis offering two separate shows for us (can’t wait!).
We can also look forward to the postponed exhibitions by:
  • Winner of the David and Yuko Juda Art Foundation Award, 2022: Brian Dawn Chalkley
  • Two for Joy’ with Liz Honeybone & Pia Goddard, of the former Skip Sisters collective
  • expert papier maché sculptor and football coach Emmely Elgersma
  • comic artist, social commentator/connector/decontrstuctor? Louise Ashcroft
  • Artist, miniaturist, model-maker and rebel curator Dale Christopher Wells

AND soon enough, co-curators of Turntable Gallery Dale Wells and Darren Neave will not only be installing a couple of surprise exhibitions of their own works, but also an exciting and innovating programme of solo shows by hard hitting artists on their main gallery roster who will be offered takeovers of Small House Cottage during its long residency at Turntable Gallery, Grimsby!! Watch this and their space!

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There is at least one Guild-wide collaborative exhibition on the horizon involving an international array of Guild of Micro Galleries members and specially invited guest micro gallery curators. The first will be at APT Gallery, London, April 2024 (more concrete info to follow).

There will be SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR ARTISTS to showcase their original small-scale contemporary artworks in the various micro galleries curated by Guild members’ and invited guest micro gallerists who will be showing their micro galleries together in one physical space for the first time ever.

Dates & the rest of the year’s lineup TBC – this shizzle is going to be exciting AF!
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