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October: Small House Cottage & Small House Two: Enver Gürsev: HYPNAGOGIA

(The photo is of an earlier work titled ‘Voodoo Kebab’)

Enver Gursev is a painter, sculptor and installation artist who has been working with joyfully twisted toy assemblages for many years. Born in 1968, he was a young protégé of the late Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, and went on to graduate from Camberwell College of Art. He has made his living as a professional artist ever since, taking commissions and teaching traditional oil painting techniques at the various art schools across the University of Arts London.

Small House Gallery has wanted to host a show of Gürsev’s assemblages since the very beginnings of Small House Gallery (2016). He said yes back then, but the stars have only just aligned now to allow it to happen. October tends to suit many of his themes, and it happens to be his birthday month, so in lieu of one of his legendary parties, we have this:

Enver will be taking over Small House Cottage & Small House Two with surreal re-creations of scenes from his long-standing ‘Dreams Journal.’ Expect strange, dark absurdity, childhood fears, with hints of wonder and a bit of pathos.

Also in October: Small House Gallery One: A. Rosemary Watson: ‘line_space_form’

November, Small House Cottage: Sara Ulfsparre

DecemberJennifer Roberts

February: Louise Ashcroft

(Awaiting place-marker photo)

March, Small House Cottage: Dale Christopher Wells

April, Small House Cottage: Karen Melvin: Offcuts

May: Sinéid Codd: Animals House

June, Small House Cottage: Annie Taylor: Fitcher’s Vogel

July: The Skip Sisters – Julia Burnett (featured above), Edori Fertig, Liz Honeybone, Pia Randall-Goddard and Helen Turner

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