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A lot of Small House Gallery artist opportunities will open up in the new year, including the opportunity to show your work as part of a hybrid physical/‘phigital’ collaboration between Small House Gallery curator Eldi Dundee and the Guild of Micro Galleries (with specially invited non-guild guest micro-gallerists)‘ under the banner of ‘SMALL PACKAGES‘ at APT Gallery, London being planned for April 15-23 2024! … (More on this soon.)

As for the Small House on Tour co-curation project, Small House Cottage has taken up semi-permanent residency within Turntable Gallery, Grimsby, NE Lincolnshire in from November 2022 for a radically different programme co-curated by Dale Wells, Darren Neaves, and Eldi Dundee.

Small House Gallery One & Small House Two will continue to operate from their South London domicile for the foreseeable future, curated by Eldi Dundee and guest curators.

Check for further updates & announcements here, or via our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & TikTok accounts, & if you’re an artist, CuratorSpace* is the place!

Link to our general Open Call on CuratorSpace is now live! >>>>>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<

November ‘Whenever’ 2022: Small House Cottage: Dale Christopher Wells: SACKGASSEN

The Cottage has gone on another Great British adventure – this time to Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire (near Hull).

Dale Wells and Darren Neaves are hosting Small House Cottage in their Grimsby-based Turntable Gallery, for the duration of Darren’s show, ‘Sackgassen’… and beyond! (Show postponed slightly while Dale makes some alterations to the Cottage itself – UPDATES soon!)

A direct translation of Sackgassen could be ‘dead end’, cul-de-sac or impasse, but it also could mean ‘Blind Alleys‘ “which provide a sense of terror, uncertainty, cruelty, and disability, all present in the Tales from the Crypt comic story of the same name, and the 70s Hammer film,” remain inspirations for this ever-expanding body of work involving an artistic ‘dystopianisation’ (not really a word, but it’ll have to do) of ‘Britains’ agricultural models & toys.

There’s much to say about this work, and so much more to see, but you’ll have to wait patiently for October 2022! If you are lucky enough to be in Grimsby around then, you will be able to see the show in person. If not, you’ll see it here and on the socials with the rest of us.

Artists wishing to site their work in the Cottage will be able to post their works to East Lincolnshire rather than South London. Exhibitions will be online as per usual, AND, people will also be able to visit them in person if they live closer to the North East than the South East, or otherwise feeling adventurous! (It’s nice to have a part of the Small House Gallery project that isn’t so London-centric.)

So pleased to say that Dale is going to be co-curating subsequent Small House Cottage shows for the Small House project with Darren (Neaves) for the foreseeable future, with Eldi co-curating remotely.

The Turntable Gallery, co-curated between Dale Wells and RCA trained artist Darren Neaves will be the perfect home for Small House Cottage, offering many varied locations across its three floors, and artists showing in the main spaces will also have the option of showing in the micro gallery space, or a small scale work by an emerging artist might be exhibiting concurrently with a more established artist under the same meta-roof.

(Turntable recently showed works by Jake Chapman, and is about to host Jeremy Deller. You get the idea.)

Thank you Dale & Darren! Looking forward to these collaborations with you!

But first: Sackgassen in November Whenever. (Soon though. Updates to follow. It’s going to be bloody amazing!)

February 2023 – Emmely Elgersma

Emmely Elgersma is a football coach for Tottenham Hotspurs FC. Yes, you read that right.

Emmely Elgersma is also a sculptor specialising in papier maché who did her MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts. She is also a ceramicist. She has taught art, and been an academy specialist at Elephant Magazine.

Her competitive streak led to her attempting to break the world record for the biggest papier maché sculpture in 2019! (The record is still held by a Mexican artist from 2017, but still! She went for it!)

Her papier maché sculptures have even been featured at the Tate Britain (via Art Untamed for Splash: Ode to Hockney), and her yellow-and-pink-polkadot-wearing gnome was an RA Summer Exhibition highlight. She has covered pianos in papier maché (for End of the Road Festival) and made fully functioning lamps our of papier maché. As well as showing extensively around both the traditional and much hipper hotspots in London and the UK, she has shown in Portugal, Russia, and her native Netherlands.

No one knows the material better. She brings both humour and utter seriousness to every sculpture she makes. Just look at this shark she made for Delphian Gallery <<< if you need proof.

Image of ‘Yves’ – a papier maché book (sculpture) on Yves Klein, from the product pages of her website

March 2023Florencia Durante

The brilliant architecturally & sculpturally-minded RCA-educated Argentinian fine art photographer Florencia Durante will be creating new work specific to the scale of Small House Gallery.

Image: Whirlpool, from her Light Action series, 2006

We are so privileged to have Florencia’s first show after she took some time out to raise her gorgeous family and pursued a stellar career on the consulting side of the art world. This show will mark her return to making her own work again. This is BIG, even though it’s also small.

In lieu of a bio, hear Florencia talking about her background in the clip below (from her RCA days).

She defines her work thus: “My fine art photography is very theatrical. It’s very stage-based; it takes place in a studio, and I create performances for the camera.”

One thing Florencia does not mention in this video clip (and that is because it came afterwards) is the high-end art consultancy work she became known for, and which slotted in so perfectly with raising her family. As is usually the case with artist-mothers/mother-artists, our own art making energies get funnelled into the crucial role and tasks involved in child rearing, and kids cost money to raise, so maintaining a viable career as a working artist when the children are a certain age is not really a practical option for most artist-parents, especially artist-mothers.

Once an artist, always an artist! And like she says in the video: “Whatever you do, it’s gonna, at the end, come together. … I don’t think to limit yourself by having to choose, I think everything can be done, everything is possible – you can be a chef and you can be an artist and you can be a writer, and you can still be a mother. … and it’s gonna take me time to fine tune, and I’m in that process, and … I think the main thing is I just have to be patient…”

Her fans will have been patient too, and that patience will, no doubt, be well rewarded. Now that her children are older, we will almost certainly start to see more and more from this stellar creator. Small House Gallery is a perfect testing ground and showcase for her playful, low-stakes re-entry into the art world (on the professional art-making side of things, that is). We are honoured to be the stepping stone right on the threshold to the way back ‘in’.

Interview: Florencia Durante, RCA Creative Pathways: Photography, 2008.

April 2023 – Joshua Y’Barbo and Daughter: Poppet & Pop

Small House Gallery is proud to announce ‘Poppet and Pop’, a daughter-daddy exhibition of drawings, sculptures, and video. Specifically made for this exhibition, these works are about responding to each other, sharing mark-making gestures and materials, communicating across our different life experiences, and collaboratively creating artworks in the micro-moments of parenthood and domestic life.


Joshua is an artist and expert in participatory art and design who makes artwork and designs art clubs. Over the past two decades, he has maintained a studio practice, creating, and selling commissioned artwork, original paintings, and limited & open-edition prints. Since 2013, he has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students, curated exhibitions, and conducted practice-related research, all of which he has combined into a multi-hyphenated professional fine art practice. He follows a postmodern approach to creating artwork, which focuses on visual allegory and personal metaphor, often delivered in collaged compositions, and assembled work associated with artists active during the cultural revolution of the 1960s. He primarily works in digital printmaking to create visual narratives that simultaneously represent his world experiences and speculate how things around us all fit together. His most recent projects explore this ongoing existential crisis through simulation theory and nostalgia. He was born in the USA but has lived and worked in the UK since 2008. His daughter was born at the end of 2019, and they began drawing together in early 2022. Her favourite animal is an elephant, she loves blue AND pink, and she’s recently progressed from Paw Patrol to Spidey and his Amazing Friends.

May 2023 –

& beyond
In the Spring/Summer 2023 & beyond lineup, we have an exhibition of 60s hairdo drawings, paintings and press-on nail sculptures by Chrissie Stewart, a mini ‘Poster Girls’ show by contemporary surrealist Rosemary Jane Cronin, the postponed ‘Two for Joy’ show with Liz Honeybone & Pia Goddard, and, co-curator of Turntable Gallery (+ Small House on Tour’s turn at Turntable) Darren Neave will install a surprise exhibition of his own creation(s) for Small House Cottage during its long residency at Turntable Gallery, Grimsby… and much more!

Plus, at least one Guild-wide Guild of Micro Galleries exhibition is on the horizon for 2023 & 2024 (with one at APT Gallery, London & one possibly Turntable Gallery, Grimsby)

There will be SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR ARTISTS TO SHOWCASE their original small-scale contemporary artworks in the various micro galleries of Guild members’ and invited guest micro gallerists showing FINALLY, TOGETHER, the first time in an in-person show, in one space.

Dates & the rest of the year’s lineup TBC, especially the GUILD-WIDE GUILD OF MICRO GALLERIES SHOW and the Small House Cottage/Turntable Gallery co-curation project’s line up – this shizzle is going to be exciting AF!
New CuratorSpace OPEN CALL links for various projects COMING SOON.

* P O S T P O N E D *

(Rescheduled for September 2023)
November – Brian Dawn Chalkley

Winner of the David and Yuko Juda Art Foundation Award, 2022!


It’s actually because of this incredibly generous prize that Brian Dawn felt it best to step back so they could focus on creating work for a major solo exhibition for the David and Yuko Juda Art Foundation. We’ve rescheduled our show for autumn next year. We wish them every joy and success and look forward to seeing the ‘real world sized show’ when it’s up.

“Brian Dawn Chalkley (b. 1948, London. Lives and works in London) is a visual and performance artist, storyteller and teacher. Formative in the trans community since the early 90s, the artist is known for their performances as Dawn a leading role in London’s underground trans clubbing scene in the 1980s and 90s, a time when it was deemed unacceptable and perverse. Now in their 70s, Brian Dawn Chalkley has been exploring gender, sexuality and identity for more than four decades, first in private and then in their art.” ~ directly from:

(awaiting images)

Read this article written by Christiana Spens for Studio International about Brian Dawn Chalkley’s work ‘The Untold Depth of Savagery’ from his solo show in Lungley Gallery last year, and touches on his work in the show about the Colony Rooms,

Image: Tonight I’m Not Taking Any Calls, 2011. Watercolour on paper, 30.5 x 40.5 cm

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