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August is to be dedicated to the Big Small Summer Open, featuring an average of 3 works each from 25 participating artists being shown across all 4 Small House Gallery offerings:

>>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<< to see some of the artists that will be showing in the Big Small Summer Open!!

After the Summer Open, SHG will be putting on only one solo artist’s show per month (with the exception of September, where due to extenuating circumstances, there will be no shows at all).

We were preparing to close the project down in January 2022 (or earlier!) due to the unexpectedly non-stop work involved in hosting 3x shows per month, as it’s unjustifiable post-lockdown in the absence of an income or funding to continue at such an intense pace.

Stretching the schedule out to one per month makes sense to allow more time for each show to be savoured by the viewer, too.

Taking a much needed break in September meant having to cut two artists out of the year’s scheduling, so exceptions to the one per month rule will be made solely for them, should they be able to take on an alternative slot in early autumn…

(Outcome: gladly, one artist could, and sadly, one artist could not)
New schedule of shows:

OctoberEnver Gürsev: Voodoo Kebab
Also in October: A. Rosemary Watson

November, Small House Cottage: Sara Ulfsparre

DecemberJennifer Roberts

February: Louise Ashcroft

(Awaiting place-marker photo)

March, Small House Cottage: Dale Christopher Wells

April, Small House Cottage: Karen Melvin: Offcuts

May: Sinéid Codd: Animals House

June, Small House Cottage: Annie Taylor: Fitcher’s Vogel

July: The Skip Sisters – Julia Burnett (featured above), Edori Fertig, Liz Honeybone, Pia Randall-Goddard and Helen Turner

Small House Gallery is always very grateful to receive financial support towards the running and maintenance of this project.
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