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Ex RCA London MAFA student and Nürnberg based German artist Nadja Ellinger brings us a permutation of her PATH OF PINS photographic series exploring one of the original Red Riding Hood stories, a darker version even than that told by the Brothers Grimm. This velvety and gossamer miniature photo installation in Small House Two is hung out in a maze-like fashion. Each fabric photo along the way an impression of what might happen to a young woman who chooses the Path of Pins as opposed to the Path of Needles on the way to Grandmother’s house walking through a wood with a basket of food. Path of Pins is an older telling of the story that became Little Red Riding Hood. As with the oral tradition of retelling, this body of work changes with each iteration.

Jamaican-American artist Bugzdale Jackson’s show COMMUNITY has arrived in Small House Gallery One. This collection consists of 8x multi-layered, hand-drawn, digitally-realised portraits representing individuals Bugzdale knows personally, and media personalities, all having the shared lived-experience of being seen, judged and treated differently (which all too often translates to badly and unfairly) based solely on skin-colour. This intensely saturated multi-colour series of printed drawings on canvas is a celebration and a polemic, equally, by necessity. Sets of these 8x prints (in 3 different sizes and price points) are for sale directly via the >>>> Bugzdale website <<<<.

Corinna Spencer‘s show for Small House Cottage is here! Small Dreams (House) has been developed especially for this unusual domestic micro-gallery dolls house space and consists of a combination of brand new original paintings and drawings, super-scaled down repros of a selection of her real-world-sized paintings in tiny picture frames, piles of hand-made sketchbooks filled with original pencil portraits, and paper dolls of characters extracted from her signature dreaming women paintings. Whether you are familiar with her work and/or with the challenge of Small House Cottage as a micro-art-venue, you will be very pleased with the resulting exhbition across all 10 spaces of the double-sided Cottage.

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