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December: Small House Gallery One: Jennifer Roberts: THE HOMELY GROTESQUE

Jennifer Roberts was born in Keighley, England in 1979. She studied BA Fine Art Painting at University of Brighton 1998-2001 and MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts 2015-2017.

Through material and form she explores the real and perceived boundaries of the body, the home and its objects, and the physical and psychological spaces we inhabit. 

Inhabitation of homes and bodies implies their boundaries, and also the permeability and mutability of these boundaries, alive with the grotesque and the surreal.  Jennifer’s work employs the manipulation and abstraction of the representation of the human body, and explores how this ambiguity can be disturbing. This disorder can be paralleled in terms of the home in the imagined or visualised ‘surreal house’ and its rooms and objects, where the familiar becomes unfamiliar. 

“I feel there is an increasing relevance to make sense of our materiality as life becomes increasingly digital. I am exploring how we relate to and feel about matter, and our attachment to it in relation to our devotion to others and otherness, and to our own sense of mortality.”

Housed in the Small House Gallery One, an installation will explore the inhabitation of the domestic environment and the inhabitation of our bodies in relation to the pandemic experience.

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