GET IN TOUCH IF YOU ARE A _____________ LOOKING TO _____________________________________.

GALLERIST or CURATOR – display one (or all) of our houses in your arts space

COLLECTOR – buy a piece of art made by one of our featured artists (past/present/future), OR, buy-out their entire small-scale show (with or without the Small House included)

Member of the PRESS – feature Small House Gallery in your magazine/ on your website, etc

BRAND – sponsor a Small House Gallery exhibition, &/or the Spring 2024 APT/GoMG & guests ‘Small Packages’ exhibition (catalogue printing, beer, wine, and any other PV expenses), OR, hire the basement of Small House Two and create a miniature shop window for your brand

Fellow UK-based MICRO GALLERIST – take part in ‘SMALL PACKAGES’ in London in Spring 2024

ARTIST or ARTIST COLLECTIVE – propose a Small House Gallery show of your own

CREATIVES &/or ART LOVER – connect over the love of small-scale art and small scale art curation

ANY OF THE ABOVE – want to receive updates of shows, artist interviews, etc. (There isn’t a newsletter as such yet, but please specify if you would like to SUBSCRIBE to it if/when it happens)

(Please DON’T use this form to send us any spammy marketing, though. Thanks.)

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