Small House Gallery is a mini contemporary art curation project for a group of dolls houses, founded in 2016 by artist Eldi Dundee, SHG’s ‘chief curator’.

Two of the Small Houses currently reside on a long dresser in the corner of a living room in a South London home. The third house, Small House Cottage, having toured to Northumberland and Whitstable for three months at a time for an experimental series of remote co-curation projects, is now on tour to the Turntable Gallery, Grimsby, for a new programme co-curated between SHG’s Eldi, and Turntable’s directors, Dale Wells and Darren Neave.

Exhibitions in Small House Gallery One and Two are predominantly displayed online, but they’re available to view in ‘meat-space’ when on tour to public spaces. Certain domestic or studio-based shows might be made viewable for in person visits, but by strict invitation or appointment only. Thank you for understanding.

Fb @SmallHouseGallery / insta @small_house_gallery / tiktok @smallhousegallery / twitter @Small_House_G_

Artist proposals are welcome again!

Link to the general Open Call on CuratorSpace >>>>>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<

More specific Call Outs for particular projects will follow suit, and they’ll be posted here and via the socials. (We’ve got some really exciting artist opportunities brewing in the background – if you’re seeing this message it means we’re not quite ready for to announce anything properly yet, but when we are, we’ll shout it from tiny rooftops far and wide!)

A short background…

Small House Gallery was revived during to the global chaos of 2020, after a year’s temporary creative hiatus, to offer solo and group shows to artists, in spite of gallery and studio closures. Artists were invited via Open Calls on social media and CuratorSpace to post their works (or hand-deliver them in a socially distanced way) and take part in thoughtfully curated displays of their small-scale original artworks, to be installed in a physical space – albeit a miniature one, mediated by computer, tablet or phone screen. Some selected artists sent maquettes for real-world monumental works they wanted to make if and when Life would allow. Others created smaller versions of works they made previously. And others already had small-scale making-practices pre-pandemic. The ultimate purpose of Small House Gallery during and since those times, was – is for artists and art aficionados to meet and connect in the online sphere, and combat the anxiety of isolation in uncertain times in quite a fun but powerful way. Even when subject matter being tackled was quite serious or otherwise harrowing, the aim was to make it more engaging, thought provoking and digestible by nature of this more innocent and playful context, without taking away any gravitas from the art’s intended message. 

You can read more about SHG’s origins in an interview in the LUVA Gallery ‘zine interview  >>> here <<<

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