A Small House Gallery project for the Whitstable Biennale Satellite. During the Biennale, I am telling a Grimm Fairytale, using textile dolls/puppetsand photography and animation and whatever is to hand, to illustrate thestory, with each of the Small House Cottage rooms marking a chapter. TheChapters will be added from 11 to 19th June 2022, and…Read more Annie Taylor: FITCHERS VOGEL

Karen Melvin: OFFCUTS – Homing In

A show for Small House Cottage, and for the 'Large & Small' group-exhibition in Slaley, Northumberland, where the Cottage and Garage are on TOUR! March - May 2022 as part of the collaborative curation project SMALL HOUSE NORTH EAST co-curated by Karen Melvin and Eldi Dundee. Karen's 'Offcuts' is viewable in Slaley this weekend! Large…Read more Karen Melvin: OFFCUTS – Homing In

The Big Small Summer Open is here!

Jump to: Artist BiosSmall House Gallery OneSmall House TwoSmall House CottageSmall House GarageBonus material An Overview: Small House Two Artists in Small House Two: Roof terrace: Jack Woodward @acardboardmonkey Attic: Peisley @peisleyart, Penny Hallas @pennyhallas, Caro Williams @carowilliamsartist, Kirsty Hall @kirstyhallartist, Lucie Fitzpatrick @luciefitzcreate, Sara Ulfsparre @saraulfsparre 1st Floor: Ruth Franklin @ruthfranklin_artist, Yvonne Kendall @yvonne.kendall.artist, Sara Ulfsparre @saraulfsparre, Peisley @peisleyart, Lucie Fitzpatrick…Read more The Big Small Summer Open is here!

Bugzdale Jackson: COMMUNITY

BUGZDALE Him, His, He. Queens, NY Artist Bio Anthony Jackson who is also known as Bugzdale is from Mandeville Jamaica and grew up in New York City. Bugzdale graduated from the University of Albany with his MFA in May 2020. He is currently located in the Upstate New York and the New York City area.…Read more Bugzdale Jackson: COMMUNITY

LUVA (LDVA) interview with Small House Gallery

Our curator Eldi Dundee in conversation with Lydia Poole for LUVA/LDVA Gallery's June 2021 zine: Designed and edited by Lydia Poole. (c) LUVA Gallery (aka LDVA Gallery) and Lydia Poole 2021 A couple of snippety snippets: You can purchase a limited edition riso-print copy of LUVA/LDVA's zine* via their instagram account @luva_gallery but you've got…Read more LUVA (LDVA) interview with Small House Gallery

Freddy D’azure-Hernández: Sonic Portal Boom! Fun House!

Freddy D'azure-Hernández lives and works in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. Contemporary artist Freddy D'azure-Hernández's multidisciplinary practice comprises of video, photography, graphic design, music, painting and installation. The themes he is drawn to are the big ones: life, death, human consciousness (individual and collective), the environment, and the role popular culture plays in influencing all of…Read more Freddy D’azure-Hernández: Sonic Portal Boom! Fun House!


We are finally able to welcome JÉRÉMY GRIFFAUD into the Small House Gallery fold this May, with his miniature version of ENLARGE YOURSELF taking over Small House Two with an audio/visual installation/environment encompassing digitally assisted hand-drawn animations from his Landstrength videos, and miniature prints from the same series (same link, scroll down it). The works parody hyper-masculinity, and its extreme focus on discipline…Read more Jérémy Griffaud: ENLARGE YOURSELF

PETTING ZOO: A TWO PERSON SHOW by Alex Pearl and Larry Valentine Pearl

We saw these mash-ups on Dr Alex Pearl’s instagram page: @rotagavinii and we just had to reach out and ask if we could show them in one of our Small House Galleries as a father & son show. Alex said yes, and 2 year old Larry said “yuss.” Alex’s PhD was on ‘Breakdown: Mechanical Dysfunction and Anthropomorphism’ at…Read more PETTING ZOO: A TWO PERSON SHOW by Alex Pearl and Larry Valentine Pearl

Toby Rainbird: Monoprints from Memory

Monoprints From Memory (Toby Rainbird, Small House Gallery One, April 2021)Monoprints From Memory (Toby Rainbird, Small House Gallery One, April 2021) Toby Rainbird is a Jersey-born*, London-based artist who explores intimate moments of quietude in his subjects, focusing all of his attention on people and objects that are at rest, in contemplation or fixed states.…Read more Toby Rainbird: Monoprints from Memory

Johanna Bolton: BODY BUILDING

Johanna Bolton: Body Building, detail (attic, Small House Two) Johanna Bolton: BODY BUILDING "The origin of this work [for Bolton] was a photography project with the intention to find poses with strong shapes that could be viewed as parts of a series - either a series of movements or a system of symbols, a kind…Read more Johanna Bolton: BODY BUILDING

Jo Evans: Such Curious Notes in the Margin of the Private Mind

With her fabric collection as her paint box, Jo Evans creates abstract art with textiles. She makes 'paintings' using beautiful natural fabrics such as linen and silk, manipulating but also relinquishing control to the warp and weft. At first glance the work is minimal, almost flat but on closer inspection oozing texture and tone. She…Read more Jo Evans: Such Curious Notes in the Margin of the Private Mind

Ian Andrews: Tiny Collision Event Experiments

My current work is centred on drawing, building equivalents between the visual forces inherent in the language of drawing and particle interactions explored by the physicist. Both are elemental building blocks  of our diverse specialisms that reveal a history of shared ideas on the nature of reality since the early 20th century. A residency at the University…Read more Ian Andrews: Tiny Collision Event Experiments

Upcycled Miniature Treasures in the Attic of Small House Two by three of the Skip Sisters

The Skip Sisters are a group of five gorgeous, socially and environmentally conscious artist/makers who, between 2006 - 2015, have been rescuing discarded materials and objects from the fate of landfill, by restoring, repurposing, and upcycling them into new and desirable objects again. Between them, they made sculptural objects, clocks, jewellery, textiles and more out…Read more Upcycled Miniature Treasures in the Attic of Small House Two by three of the Skip Sisters

CAPTAIN VIOLET VINTAGE: WINTER TAKEOVER (and, introducing: Small House Two and Small House Cottage!)

CAPTAIN VIOLET VINTAGE takes over our latest ‘property acquisitions' - Small House Two & Small House Cottage. INTRODUCING: SMALL HOUSE TWO! February 2021 Small House Two has been lovingly restored, renovated and repainted and as soon as the paint was dry, in went these fresh & floral vintage brooches (& earrings & pendants) from the…Read more CAPTAIN VIOLET VINTAGE: WINTER TAKEOVER (and, introducing: Small House Two and Small House Cottage!)

Victoria Rance’s Mini Solo Exhibition: INHABIT

VICTORIA RANCE‘s Mini Solo Show: INHABIT (16 December 2020 - 8 January 2021) includes selected works inspired by mythology, folklore, Jungian psychology, numinosity, human ecology and our ecological imperative, taken from three distinct series of her hand-held sculptures: No Name, The Sleep of Reason, and Otherworld.

Susan Schneider: An Update

Back in October (2020), we showed a charming series of small, glossy, thickly-textured abstract oil paintings on wood, that were bought in a South London charity shop around 15 years ago. If so, you'll know that we were intrigued to know more about the artist, who'd initialled them on the front, but luckily for us, also signed her full name on the backs of them: Susan Schneider.

Susan Schneider: Oil Sketches

OCTOBER 2020 Small House Gallery is pleased to show miniature works by Susan Schneider. We're just not sure which Susan Schneider it is we're showing. (We do now! <——Update) Very little is known about 'our' Susan Schneider at this time. We found her glossy, strongly textured abstract oil studies, painted on small wooden panels, in…Read more Susan Schneider: Oil Sketches

Let’s play curators! (2019)

Once upon a time, in 2019 in fact, there lived a girl called Mia. Mia, who was six and three quarters years old at the time, lived on a Spanish island with her mummy, Sonia, and their two Spanish cats. Even though they lived in Spain now, Mia was an English girl, as she was born in London. One day, when Mia and Sonia were visiting London again, Sonia called on her very close friend, Eldi, to see if she wouldn't mind babysitting Mia for a couple of days while Sonia had to travel overseas for work.

2019: Toy-Box-Playground

an installation of two dollshouses, stacked one on top of the other, made while Eldi was having a clear-out... Eldi kept hold of the toys and games with missing parts and pieces that no one but an artist would want. Her daughter kept the things she felt sentimentally attached to, and the rest went...

Small House Gallery: Unknowable Futures

As part of AltMFA's Guest Projects residency 'Unknown Futures' which kicked off AltMFA's a-n funded FUTURE PROGRAMME 2017, Eldi Dundee curated several mini-group-exhibitions for Small House Gallery featuring small works by AltMFA members: Sadie Edginton, Amy Leung, Eva Lis, Debora Mo, Marion Tu, Naima Karlsson, and Eldi Dundee. All participants and guests of Unknown Futures had an open invitation to contribute their miniature works or interventions to the Small House Gallery during the duration of the residency.

Energy Reset

[ARCHIVAL POST] After a month of mystifying and outrageously offensive Trumpian antics, a bit of light, love, and levity was called for! An installation of quartz crystals, amethysts, citrine, ulexite, granite, flint, coral, sea sponges, snail shells, pine cones and fossils suffuse the Small House Gallery with calm earthly charm. It's a reminder of the simple…Read more Energy Reset

Year of the Hen (2017)

Small House Gallery hosts another solo mini show by artist Eldi Dundee, for the 2017 Chinese Open: Le Coq Artistes, curated by Jude Montague and Matt Armstrong...

‘Mother and Daughter’ by Eldi Dundee and Hope (aged 12)

Artist Eldi Dundee teams up with her 12 year old daughter to create Small House Gallery's inaugural exhibition in a dolls house in their South London home (2016).