Victoria Rance’s Mini Solo Exhibition: INHABIT

December 2020

Installation view: ground and first floors of the INHABIT exhibition at Small House Gallery, featuring works by Victoria Rance

“When I saw the Small House Project I wanted to take part, because playing in my dolls house had been such an important part of my childhood. My imagination was fully engaged, and any pocket money I had was spent on characters and furniture. I made things for it, tidied, rearranged, made gardens and spent hours alone playing and thinking about relationships and space. As I do now, in the guise of an artist.”

Victoria Rance, December 2020, London
Victoria Rance – Wheat Arch (2019) – pewter – 14cm, Mayfly (2019) – pewter – 7cm high / (On stairs) Midge (2019) – pewter – 2.5 cm
  • Caduceus (2020) – pewter – 10cm
  • Ground floor installation view
  • King II (2019) – 14cm, Plant (2019) – 8cm, She Tree Spirit (2019) 16cm – (all pewter)
  • Midges (2019) – pewter – 8cm
  • Loki Kerykeion (2020) – pewter – 15cm
  • Palm (2013) – wax and palm stalks – approx 12cm
  • Thorn Loki (2019) – pewter – height tbc
  • Snake Bush Woman (2020) – pewter – 19cm 
Victoria Rance – Palm (2013) – wax and palm stalks – approx 12cm
Victoria Rance – Midges (2019) – pewter – 8cm
Victoria Rance – King II (2019) – pewter – 14cm 

The sculptures featured in the INHABIT exhibition are from three distinct series of Rance’s output, namely: The Sleep of Reason, Otherworld, and the most recent, No Name.

Victoria Rance’s Mini Solo Show: INHABIT for Small House Gallery, December 2020

VICTORIA RANCE‘s Mini Solo Show: INHABIT  (16 December 2020 – 8 January 2021) includes selected works inspired by mythology, folklore, Jungian psychology, numinosity, human ecology and our ecological imperative, taken from three distinct series of her hand-held sculptures: No NameThe Sleep of Reason, and Otherworld.

Visit this fascinating and accomplished award-winning artist’s own website to find out more:

For sales enquiries, contact us here, or catch Victoria through her website. You can view a catalogue (including price list) of many of her pewter hand-held sculptures >>> h e r e <<< which was made as a response to 2020, Covid19 and the subsequent cancellation of many scheduled shows of her work.

Thanks for visiting.


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